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From the founder of Storymind

Man Made follows a mysterious force as it sweeps around the globe erasing anything man made - from buildings, vehicles, and technology to medicines, clothing, and dental work.

Governments stagger under the panic, religions are at a loss for an explanation, scientists strive for any means to stop or divert the phenomenon, and the world’s population from families to individuals struggle to prepare for The Event, which will drive humanity back beyond the stone age.

The Event is coming.

Are you prepared?

Copyright Melanie Anne Phillips


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A Few Words About Theme

By Melanie Anne Phillips
Creator StoryWeaver, Co-creator Dramatica

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Over the last twenty-five years, I’ve written thousands of articles on story structure and storytelling.  Here, I’ve gathered together a few of the best on the topic of theme.  I hope you find them illuminating in concept and practical in application.

Table of Contents

Part One

Coming Apart at the Themes

Part Two

What Exactly IS Theme?

Part Three

Theme: An Emotional Argument

Part Four

Both Sides of the Emotional Argument

Part Five

Premise Leads to Lack of Conflict

Part Six

Theme: What Are You Talking About?

Part Seven

Unfolding Your Thematic Topic