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Read the Science Fiction Thriller

From the founder of Storymind

Man Made follows a mysterious force as it sweeps around the globe erasing anything man made - from buildings, vehicles, and technology to medicines, clothing, and dental work.

Governments stagger under the panic, religions are at a loss for an explanation, scientists strive for any means to stop or divert the phenomenon, and the world’s population from families to individuals struggle to prepare for The Event, which will drive humanity back beyond the stone age.

The Event is coming.

Are you prepared?

Copyright Melanie Anne Phillips


Free Writing Resources

Free for Writers

A collection of our very best techniques for adding personality to your story and power to your author’s voice.  Learn how to use Reversals, Flashbacks, Reveals, Non-Causality, Collective Goals, and how to avoid being preachy or falling into the “genre trap.” These, and 43 other tricks will enhance your story and supercharge your style.

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50 Sure-Fire Storytelling Tricks!

This free 150 page eBook takes you through the entire process.  Read it for free here on our web site and get your novel written!

Write Your Novel Step By Step

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Download in PDF

This 32 page graphic-novel style comic book presents an overview of many of the essential concepts of story structure in easy-to-understand bite-sized scenarios so you can instantly put them to work on your own story.

Secrets of Great Stories

This FREE 113 part video program is our most complete course in story structure and covers the nature of story structure and how to use it.

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Learn the difference between archetypes and stereotypes, where and when each works best, and how to build them into powerful compelling characters.

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Archetypes and Sterotypes