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Opinion: Co-incarnation

by Melanie Anne Phillips

What is God? Each of us represents a portion of the string of consciousness that winds from the Big Bang to the collapse of the universe. That string is built by millions of lifespans linked together, one ending where the other begins. But once the string has reached all the way to the Collapse, it starts back at the Big Bang to do it again, slightly different this time.

Think of time as raster lines on a TV set. Each lifespan is an amplitude along a single line. When the line sweeps across the screen it returns to the side it began on, scanning a new line, similar but not exactly the same to the first line. When the process is over, a picture has been created that cannot be seen from travelers along the line, but only by an Observer who's persistence of vision allows him to see the results of all the lines as if they had happened all at once.

Re-incarnation? Not exactly. Since the force of life, the "electron gun" of the television example, is only focused on one pixel at a time, in a sense there is only one life. This life journeys through a single lifespan, then transfers to another just at the moment the first one ends. But as it scans one complete line after another, it appears that many life forces exist simultaneously. In fact, they are all coils of the single life as it doubles back right next to its path, scanning the big picture.

What happens between the end of one scanning line and the beginning of the next? The progression scans backward. If the front scanning lines represent the string of self-awareness, the back scanning lines represent the physical universe. It can be seen that the time sense of self-awareness and the space sense of the physical universe flow in opposite directions. The universe is always flowing from Big Bang to Collapse, the mind is always flowing from Collapse to Big Bang.

Compared to an appreciation of the universe flowing forward, time appears to flow backward. We cannot remember the future, only the past. This is because our time-sense is backward looking. When we try to predict the future, we are really just extending the vectors of our backward looking time sense. The closer we get physically to the Collapse, the farther into the past we can look. Eventually, we can see all the way back from the Collapse, which is just occurring. This is the point of blending of time/space.

Actually, it is not so much a blending as a reversal. Time changes to forward looking (being able to tell what will be but not what has happened) and the Universe Collapses on itself.

Because Universe and Mind co-exist, they are really flip sides of the same coin. In essence, the universe appears crystalline because we have a fluid time sense. But to a universal self-awareness, space appears fluid and our minds appear crystalline. The physical world we see is the crystalline form of the other self-awareness. Our thoughts are the physical world of the other self-awareness.

Of course, the two are really one and the same, seen from two sides of space/time. When we look at the physical universe, we are (in a sense) looking at ourselves going the other way. When we change the world, we change our minds, when we change our minds, we change the world. Not this world, not on this side of the reversal, but the world that is flowing the other way.

We cannot tell whether our alteration of the physical world creates good or bad from the perspective of the other self-awareness - probably and equal smattering of each. But in this temporal world, we can tell what good or bad we create in our actions with others. And since we are all part of the same chain that will double back this way again, we should be kind to our fellow sentient creatures, as we will be or have been them at some time.

Copyright Melanie Anne Phillips

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