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Thoughts on General Relativity

by Melanie Anne Phillips

No understanding of the physical universe can be complete without including perception in the equation.  As an example, in E=MC2, Energy equals Mass times the speed of light Constant, squared. The Universe can be described as having only four things that can be measured: Energy, Mass, Time and Space. So where are Time and Space in E=MC2? They are contained in C. To see how this works, let us see how C is figured.

C is the speed of light (Constant) squared. First, how is speed figured? Speed is a measure of the distance traveled over a certain period of time. In other words, an interval of Time is held Constant, and how far something gets in that Time determines its speed. How far it gets is a measure of Space. So, when figuring speed, Time is held to be a constant and Space is the measured variable. If Time is held to be a constant, it is because it is held to be one unit. For example, we say "35 miles per hour" not "350 miles per 10 hours". Both are true, but the first way of presenting the data is the lowest common denominator.

Similarly, in E=MC2 the speed of light is figured in Centimeters per Second (or per ONE second) This holds Time to an effective Constant, since when the whole fraction is squared, it becomes Space/1(second) * Space/1(second) or, multiplied out Space2/1(second) In other words, Space is squared, but Time, effectively, is not. In this case, E=MS2/T. Dividing both sides by M gives us E/M=S2. This works fine for determining the speed of light when light is viewed as a particle. But, as we know, photons have properties of BOTH particles AND waves.

When we look at light in terms of waves, how do we measure its "speed"? This is a measurement of its frequency. As we know, (broadcast energy) has a theoretically infinite bandwidth, ranging from long wave VLF to short wave gamma and beyond. When measuring the wave properties of a photon, we hold Space to be the Constant, and Time is the variable being measured.

Frequency is commonly referred to in cycles per second, but is also measured by wavelength. But look what we are doing when we measure the wave properties of light that way. In cycles per second, we are again holding time to be a constant and trying to measure distance traveled in number of cycles per interval. But, what about amplitude? If the amplitude is greater, the actual "distance" described by the wave is greater. So, a "cycle" is not truly any measure of distance at all, and therefore not a measure of "speed".

In a skewed approach to the same problem, we measure the wave properties of light in wavelength. But again, Time is held to be the Constant, the interval of time being one "cycle" and Space the "length" is the variable being measured. So the problem we have created is that we view both the particle and wave properties of light from the same mode of measurement.

To be objective, we would need to measure frequency in seconds per cycle. This measurement would hold Space to be a Constant by equating any length of wave and amplitude as identical as long as it is a complete cycle. Then Time is the variable being measured.

When holding Space to be a Constant, the equation reads M/E=C2 or M=EC2. Why is M now divided by E? Because we are holding Space to be a Constant. Since Mass is what will determine Space, it cannot be diminished by the division, it must be the divisor. E, therefore will change, with creates a variable Time. So, for a Constant Space, looking at light as a wave M/E=(Time/Space)*(Time/Space) which (with Space now having a value of "1") works out to M/E=T2/S.

So we have E/M=S2/T and M/E=T2/S. Now, what if we want to view the speed of light objectively, which is to say we want to see it's properties as both a wave and a particle simultaneously? This means that we had been viewing light sequentially as first a particle and then a wave or vice versa. In other words, our viewing of E/M=S2/T & M/E=T2/S was with Space held Constant. But to view the two equations simultaneously, we must view the equations while holding Time to be a Constant, which means the two equations must be combined. This gives us E/M*M/E=S2/T*T2/S all or which works out to 1=T*S, unity, singularity, identity in terms of space-time.

In effect, when Time and Space are simultaneously applied to each other, the result is that all is nothing, for T=1/S and S=1/T. Now, we want to look only at the relationship of Energy to Mass in objective terms of space-time (represented by the particle and wave properties of light simultaneously. In other words, we want to get Time and Space out of the picture and see how E relates to M. In that case, E/M=T*S. This means that E/M is an inverse relationship from a space-time perspective. As M goes up, E goes down. The point being that E/M=T*S, with T*S already seen to be "1". E/M=1. T*S=1. 1=1, unity. But, when separating the four elements of unity, the relationship is expressed by E/M=T*S. And similarly, it works out that M/E=T*S.

How can both E/M=T*S AND M/E=T*S? Because both E/M and M/E express the inverse relationship of Energy to Mass. Just as we saw that T=1/S and S=1/T. The relationship between T and S is the same as the relationship between E and M. The relationship between EM and TS is the same as the relationship between E & M and T&S. We express this by four equations that taken simultaneously show what any three of the variables look like from the fourth.

Copyright Melanie Anne Phillips

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