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A Reader Comments...


I'm just studying your "Mental Relativity" book. On page 24 (bottom paragraph) you write: "This alternation of data from an Observation, either in spatial terms of flow through attrition or in temporal terms of imprinting, shows that impurities or inaccuracies will be manifest mostly in the spatial or temporal appreciations depending upon which gets the data first."

Do I read you right that "attrition" and "imprinting" are distinguishing features? Meaning for example that a Left Minded individual also could first observe Time outputting what remains to Space?

Melanie Replies...

At a conscious level, a Left Minded individual can "choose" to pay attention to either space or time first. In fact, at the level of memory (training) and subconscious (conditioning) a Left Minded individual may be more prone to pay attention to either space or time first. It is only at the level of the pre-conscious where the biochemical bias of the brain dictates which will come first. For Left Minded individuals, the pre-conscious will ALWAYS examine space first and then send the information on to time.

Now, what I just said is not completely technically correct. Here's why: The pre-conscious is the aspect of the mind most tied to the biology. As a result, it is best looked at from a spatial perspective to understand how it works. This means that at the pre-conscious level it is better to think of the spatial or temporal bias not as being one first and the other second, but as one having the greater emphasis. At the preconscious level, both space and time sense are happening simultaneously, but one will be the stronger of the two, and that is the bias that is built in before birth.

Because the built-in spatial bias favors the neurology, it consistently produces a "flow through attrition" of all information that comes in through the senses. Because the built-in temporal bias favors the biochemistry, it consistently produces imprinting since it is the holistic impact of the biochemistry as a whole upon the neurology.

Once we leave the pre-conscious and move "upward", we encounter the subconscious which can be seen either spatially or temporally as a model. In other words, the subconscious can be seen as being the attraction and repulsion map of the mind in spatial terms, or can be seen as the generator of unconscious behavioral characteristics in a temporal sense of how one responds.

The Memory is also both spatial in terms of recalling information, and temporal in terms of re-experiencing the unfolding of past experiences.

By the time we get up to the Conscious mind, it is best seen as wholly temporal. From this standpoint, both Left and Right Minded individuals might respond space first or time first, and the flow through attrition or imprinting might apply to either the space sense or time sense of either kind of mind, depending upon what is being considered (a spatial item or a temporal process) and whether it is being considered spatially or temporally.

Thanks for sending me that question. Answering good questions gives me the opportunity to refine my explanations which ultimately makes the whole theory a bit more understandable.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the book, and let me know if any other questions crop up.


Copyright Melanie Anne Phillips

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