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"Peach Trees, Relationships, and Binary Switches"

by Melanie Anne Phillips

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O.K., I was thinking today of dealing with quads in terms of the forms that life can take. We look easily at the animal and the vegetable but what fills out that quad? Well, everyone always says animal, vegetable or mineral and they are looking at things in terms of three, which means that essentially it gives us the animal life, the vegetable life and chemical compounds. What is the other one? Well, the other one would be that elusive area where they are talking about viruses. Is it alive, is it not alive? What exactly is it? Essentially, we're talking about chemical compounds that are essentially little computers, they are little physical computers that re-configure their size, their shape, change and bend themselves around, splice themselves to other ones, mutate. As such, they mimic life, but they are not life as we know it. They are on the other side of that limit line. Two on one side which would be the chemical (or mineral) and viral, and two on the other side which would be plant and animal. So, just another perspective with which to classify things, looking at life is making up a quad of animal, vegetable, mineral and viral.

It's the 28th of June, at about 10 minutes to 9 in the morning. I had a thought about when we are dealing with loss. I had a dream last night about my peach tree. I planted this tree three years ago, and had great hopes (because I love peaches) of being able to can the peaches and make peach pies, and just enjoy a fresh peach off the tree. That was something of a childhood dream. I always loved orchards and things. So, it goes way back into how much importance I put into having a peach tree. Now, there was a shift because when I planted that tree three years ago, it didn't really matter which peach tree it was, any peach tree would have done, but I really wanted a peach tree.

So, I planted a tree, and the very first year that it came to bearing fruit, there were only four or five peaches that showed up on it, which was two years ago. And at that time, the dog came out and jumped up and knocked them all off the tree, because the dog liked to play with them, and the dog was still very puppyish. So, I said, O.K., well I've lost them this year, but there were only four or five - that's fine. Well, the next year, I got about twenty peaches on the tree, and I said great. No matter what the dog does this year, the tree's a little bit bigger, the dog's a little less playful, more old....I'm going to have these peaches. And the dog didn't knock them down, but, just as they were starting to get a little bit plump, the little neighborhood girl came over when Mindi was playing with her in the backyard here, while I was not around, and she picked all my peaches off the tree, because they were fun to throw around the yard. I was livid, I was enraged, because now, I had figured after the first year, that it was going to be a process of another year that I had to endure in order to get peaches off of my tree. And I couldn't even go out and buy another peach tree and plant it and get fruit any earlier, that was the best I could do.

Well, I said O.K., this next year, she's not going in the backyard all summer long, the dog doesn't really care anymore, we'll see what happens. This year, I had about two hundred blossoms that turned into peaches; two hundred peaches on my tree. I think actually the first two years of having them picked off, helped it along, so that it ended up responding saying, “Oh, yeah, well I've got to survive, I've got to pro-create here, so I'm going to come out with all these peaches,” and in fact, all of those peaches are still there. But, I am so worried about something happening to them, either by birds coming down and devouring them all, or the gardeners coming in and trimming it back, or something. Any kind of chaotic event, that I can't even imagine...I've been so worried that I had a dream about my peach tree last night. And in this dream, I dreamed that the other neighborhood kid, a little boy, who is the brother of the girl who pulled the peaches off, they were having a party over there -- a birthday or something at their place which is two doors away. And the little kid came over when nobody was watching, and he pulled off all of my peaches. Now, in this dream, that was it. Once those peaches were pulled off, the tree would never try again, it wouldn't bear fruit again, because it wasn't worthwhile. I knew this in my dream.

The sense of loss was absolutely amazing. But, the point is that I went over to confront them at the party in a very nice way because the parents really had no hand in doing this, and the kid was just having fun. So, I went over to confront them at the party, and I wanted to come up with some way of having them compensate me for the loss of my peaches that would make me feel good again, that would make it all O.K. And I couldn't think of one. At first, I thought, well what if they buy me four or five other trees to make up for it, and I said, well, yeah, but, I could buy four or five other trees, but when I put them in, there's still going to be a waiting period and a lot of anxiety now that all of the fruit's going to ruined, even though that's unlikely. What if they bought me a bunch of peaches. Well, that doesn't do it either, because I wanted to grow them on my own. What if they just bought me the best peach tree in the whole world from some special place. Well, no, because it's not any peach tree, it's this peach tree. And it occurred to me, why is it this peach tree? And how does that compare to when you lose a loved one in a long term relationship? If you have a relationship, and somebody jilts you for somebody else...that's the same thing. If you have a marriage, and you lose somebody to death, that's the same thing. Divorce must be very much like that.

In other words, a lot of the things that we are going to have to address, come down to this stupid peach tree. So, why is it that nothing else in the world, no combination of things can make it all right. Well, because the peach tree is not an object, it's a process. And that process has defined itself uniquely, because it's not a linear process, it's a non-linear process. In other words, when you talk about the potholes in the road of life, there's no way to expect where they are, but they do change the course you've taken. And when you look behind you and see that winding course, you can tell that this is familiar ground. In other words, it's the one true path through chaos that you can actually understand, because you've been there. Now, naturally things may come into a different light, and you may put them into a different context. You realize that you were actually snaking your way through a bog, or a swamp instead of a desert. But, it doesn't change the path you took, because that much remains certain. Now, of course, yes, memory fails, and you'll look at things incorrectly, but only from an objective standpoint. Subjectively, you look at something, and you remember it exactly the way it was, subjectively. And therefore, even if it changes in your mind daily from what the path was you actually took, it always seems like the path you took.

And you still associate it with those items that you can see as milestones along the way. Now, for me, for this peach tree, it was an ongoing process of all the trials and tribulations which represented the only reason to go forward, the only reason to continue all the motivations I had for wanting a peach tree to begin with. But, they were all centered on nurturing this particular peach tree. Now, this is something that we are going to have to address. I don't have the answers here, I just have some interesting questions as to why nothing else in the world, no combination of things ...everything else taken together, can compensate for such a loss. It takes time for the mind to unwind the justifications. And nothing can balance it.

Here, we get right back into the notion of a binary switch -- switching from looking at something and saying, I need it to survive, to saying, No, I can survive without. Looking to something and saying, I'm constantly hurt and nothing will make me happy again, to actually being happy again. And what happens to the hurt? You don't ever completely lose it. It never is ever removed from you, rather it is merely downgraded continually, and other things become more essential. And yet, at the moment that something strikes that in your memory, it can well back up years later with as much sadness or as much joy as it originally generated. And so, there's something to do with the relationship between the linearity of process and the interference pattern, holigraphically.

And just as we've been talking about getting into the Fourier equations, I believe his name was George. He worked in the forties and came up with equations that translated wave forms into interference patterns, and interference patterns back into wave forms. Something in those equations is going to give us the key again to the binary switch. Because the binary switch says you flip from state A to state B and process C begins. What's the D? The D is that interference pattern between structure and dynamics, because there's going to be that fourth one. But, we look at it as, we take state A, we move it to state B and process C begins. The force that's applied to switch it from state A to state B, that indeed is D ...that's the interference pattern, that's aptly named D in this example, because it deals with desire, it deals with that D of the KTAD [Knowledge, Thought, Ability, Desire, grouped together in a “quad”].

Now, the reverse of that, or inverse of that is also true, meaning that you could have state A, could be created, let me see, how do I want to phrase this. You apply a force to state A and it changes to state B and allows a process to go, whereas theoretically, a process could act upon state A, changing it to state B, which actually causes the process D. So, the question as to whether it's a causal relationship which would be more of a linear way or typical, left-minded way of looking at it is that you apply a force to A, switch it over to B, which then causes C. And the force you apply could be called D, or the other way of looking at it is you apply a force to A, switches it to B, and that allows a process of C to go on, and you still applied force D.

So, the question as to whether something is just opened like a gate is opened, or whether something actually acts as a catalyst to begin something is getting back to the idea of whether it is merely a gravitational type thing, or whether it actually comes into contact, and has a physical reaction between the two. Does a process begin because you lower a resistance to something and allow it to go on, or because you raise the resistance to something else that is an inhibitor, that prevents something from going on. Or, does a process go on because you create a potential, or because you diminish a potential which is going to upset equilibrium. Or because you apply a current, or because you shut off a current, which starts getting to the magnetic effect of things - an electrical attraction. Or because you have power and apply power or you withhold power.

Now, this obviously grows into a pretty big spiral, because if you take the concept of each of these - we've looked at a binary state of PRCP or PRCO [Potential, Resistance, Current, Power of Potential, Resistance, Current, Outcome]. When we've looked at that binary state on each of those, we can then see that we can create a causal or non-causal situation with each one. Causal is when you apply something and it makes something happen, non-causal is when you withhold something and it happens because of the holism of the system, minus what you've taken out. And yet, even that's a binary state. You see, we begin to use binaries to build quads, and we move backward from that and we can always spiral and spiral and spiral farther backward. But, until we get to the point where we have spiraled backward so far that there is no functional difference between where we are and where we began, we have not completed a formula for the unified field theory.

So, keep in mind those four different universes that we talked about. The existence and negative existence and the left and right minded views of things - the spatial view and the temporal view. Those four make up the essential building blocks we're going to grow from. That's gotten us up to 16. We originally only had four- time, space, mass and energy. Mental relativity added thought, knowledge, ability, and desire. Mental relativity split thought, knowledge, ability, and desire. Not by creating four new elements, but by saying the way in which those elements arrange themselves became two different ways, temporal and spatial, giving you left minded and right minded. And so, the first part of the work is to define exactly what happened there mathematically, when we have these different equations that are applied to one and applied to the other.

Let's see what that translation effect is to go from one to the other. Because one will appear to be a wave form, one will appear to be an interference pattern, in terms of left minded and right minded equations. So, if we have these equations, one wave form, one interference pattern, and can describe them as such, then the Fourier equations should allow us to be able to figure out what kind of mechanism is at work, that translates one to the other, that causes it to shift from one place to the other. And when we do that then we can come up with the mathematics that creates the shift among all of them, by transmuting it.

In other words, the shift that occurs is going to change around the quad. You will go from a K and create a T by applying a potential for example. Or then you will go from a T to an A, you might apply a current. The operation that is going to included to translate from one to the other, is going to be a different operation in which each case - it will probably be a different operation moving in different directions. It will probably be a different operation, moving in left minded Z patterns [through the quad], or right minded circles [around the quad].

But, the point is we have all the building blocks. We have all the pieces now, and back when we were creating Dramatica, one of the big things we were doing is sitting on the floor with all of the names we knew existed, trying to figure out how the elements went together at the bottom of each Class. Rearranging them in all kinds of different patterns. We didn't know if they were individually arranged, if they were arranged by pairs, if they were rearranged by quads. If they shifted their position all over the 64 or just within a quad or the quads within a set, or what happened. And finally we realized that it was actually rearranging the pairs within the sets that occurred from class to class to class. Now, that rearrangement gives us exactly that feeling of one thing coming out of left field, because it goes from the K class to the A class to the T class and they have this arrangement each of which allows for archetypal characters to be created. However, when we move to the D class and use the same permutation, the last step of the permutation, we end up with archetypal characters not being allowed to be created. They violate that rule of not having the same two elements out of the same quad.

So, obviously we have the process under lock and key; it's at work, we've already created it in a matrix. But, we don't understand mathematically what's happening. The point is the processes used to go among those are all the same. The shift that occurs from a K to an A to a D to a T; all of those things no matter which direction you go, is all a logical progression and it makes sense. But, the thing that's changing that doesn't make sense, is the way that we are putting confines on it. In other words, if we have three things that work one way, we've got one thing that works another way. And we are always going to end up with three one way, and one another way. And because of that, all we have to do is follow the natural progression of going from wherever we are through a second one, a third one and to the fourth one. And when we've gone through that progression, which is quite natural, suddenly we find we've flipped a binary state somewhere else, that exists automatically.

In other words, there's no direct connection, no hard material connection between one binary state and the other, because it's already hardwired in, and defacto, when you go through three of anything and get to the fourth one, the one that comes out of left field, it doesn't come out of left field when you come to it with the process you've been using, but something else in an area you haven't been looking has changed. And that aspect that has changed is the same on the first three and different on the one that's changed.

So, in fact, it really hasn't changed at all. All you've done is moved to a place where some new rules apply. And this means that the laws of physics as we know them are not constants at all. They do not apply everywhere, they have to fall apart when you take that final step. It's not that they fall apart, it's that something else applies and they don't. So, moving from class to class to class to class when you take steps in a progression, you end up with that fourth step. Watch the fourth step, it's a doozy.

Copyright Melanie Anne Phillips

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