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Novel Writing Software

Write Your Novel or Screenplay Step by Step

Thousands of writers use StoryWeaver to build their story’s world, characters, plot, theme,
and genre.

Try it Risk-Free!
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Try it Risk-Free!
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Thousands of writers use Dramatica to find and refine their story’s structure and to find and fix holes and missteps.

Key Features Key Features

Free Bonus Package The Writer's Survival Kit Bonus Package

Try it Risk-Free for 90 Days!

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Free Bonus PackageThe Writer's Survival Kit Bonus Package

Try it Risk-Free for 90 Days!

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Step up to the Industry Standard Script Formatter

Movie Magic Screenwriter is hands-down the best screenwriting software on the market. In fact, the Writer's Guild of America software review gave it the highest marks out of the leading screenwriting products on the market!

Quick feature list:

New Features in Screenwriter include:

Read what some professionals have to say about Screenwriter:

"The way we work, the script changes moment by moment. Screenwriter helps us keep track of the revisions, making sure the latest draft is always in the director's hands."
Marc Levin—Slam, The Last Party

"Compared to what I was using, discovering Movie Magic Screenwriter was like coming out of a cave and finding everyone else living in houses."

Jeb Stuart—The Fugitive, Die Hard, Switchback

Key Features:

Real time formatting -- see both tv & movie script formatting as you type. mores & continueds are automatically added. production features -- a & b pages, scenes, and revision marks are a snap. auto-recognitions -- type just a few letters of the desired character name, set, scene, etc., and screenwriter will enter it instantly. or hit enter to choose from a pop-up menu. tab/enter simplicity -- just hit the tab and enter keys to move between script elements such as character, dialogue, action, etc. script scanning - this feature scans the entire script looking for and correcting common formatting errors.

Word Processing:

Spell checker & thesaurus - fully integrated with complete definitions, synonyms, and antonyms that makes editing a snap. drag and drop editing - highlight a block of text (e.g. dialogue) and move it to any part of your script. all your script formats will be saved. extensive importing & exporting - screenwriter can import and export almost any text document (e.g. rtf, ms word, word perfect, ascii). script notes - jot down revision notes, casting suggestions, research questions, notes that you don't want to forget. keep them hidden in the file, print them in a report with page-number references. optional foreign dictionaries - danish, dutch, french, finnish, german, italian, norwegian, spanish, swedish, and uk english.

Other features include:

Expanded production features-including an automated revision draft process, productions solutions help, and onscreen revision draft colors-are organized on their own dedicated menu. built-in index cards are now fully editable. create countless unique character names from namebank's huge database of male, female, and last names. exports to storyboard quick format for scene visualization.

Includes BOTH Windows & Macintosh Versions

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Movie Magic Screenwriter