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~ Step 98 ~

Plot Conclusion

The conclusion is the aftermath and epilog. The climax is over and it's time to take stock of all that has happened.

The conclusion is both a cool down period for the reader after the excitement of the climax and is also a wrap up of loose ends.  

How did it all turn out?  What was gained and what was lost?  Was the effort to achieve the goal successful or not.  Or, what the Goal only partially achieved, and was that partial achievement enough?

In a sense, the conclusion is a new "set-up."  Just as the opening of your story set-up the way things are when the problem begins, the conclusion sets up how things are, now that it is over.

What kind of new situation has come into being through the changes wrought by the climax?

In later sections we'll deal with the conclusion to the Character, Theme, and Genre elements of your story.  For this question, concentrate only on how things end up in regard to the plot.

For this final step in your lot timeline, describe the state of affairs as your story wraps up.