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~ Step 119 ~

Characters - Act Three Ending

The end of act three is like no other part of your story.  It is where all the pieces that have been carefully established come into play and fall into place.

In action stories, there may not be much room for character climax material.  In such stories, often the only character issue addressed is which side of the moral argument the Main Character will choose.

In character stories, however, it is a time for pulling out all the stops.  Previously, your characters will have held something back, no matter how strongly they may feel, no matter what pressures they must bear.  Since the situation up to this point was not a final reckoning, there was no need to put all their chips on the table.

But here, they recognize there is no tomorrow.   It is all, or nothing, so each character will let loose, holding nothing back.

This is the time in which all the wound up tension in the spring that drives every role and relationship will let loose, one after another as the last third of act three builds in a crescendo to an ultimate moment of truth.

In this step, develop and describe the scenarios in which each of your characters, their roles, and relationships unravels and hits its maximum energy in a final conflict.