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~ Step 124 ~

Extending Topic – Act Two

In act one, you chose one of three methods for developing the thematic topic in your novel: large to small, small to large, and all mixed up.

If you went with the big to small, you should choose some middle-sized illustrations to occur now, providing a little more detail, but still with a fairly large perspective.  Conceptually, you want to draw your readers away from an objective, global view of the topic slowly toward a more specific, individual, and focused appreciation.

If you decided to develop your topic from small to large, you will also want to be introducing middle sized examples, though the feeling you create in your readers will be different.  With this approach, your readers gain a larger perspective on the smaller topic already described in detail.

If you chose to mix large, small, and medium illustrations of your topic throughout your novel, act two will continue that approach.  Remember that act two is where you re-affirm the importance of your topic or conversely, alter the importance or context of what was established in act one.

Whichever method you chose, in this step the task is to select and/or develop additional illustrations of your thematic topic – moments, scenes or sequences that will provide additional depth and understanding of your topic and how it applies to your novel.