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Write Your Novel or Screenplay Step by Step

Thousands of writers use StoryWeaver to build their story’s world, characters, plot, theme,
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Try it Risk-Free!
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Thousands of writers use Dramatica to find and refine their story’s structure and to find and fix holes and missteps.

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Free Bonus PackageThe Writer's Survival Kit Bonus Package

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 2 - Origin of Archetypes

Chapter 3 - Players vs. Characters

Chapter 4 - The 8 Archetypal Characters

Chapter 5 - Protagonist and Antagonist Archetypes

Chapter 6 - Reason and Emotion Archetypes

Chapter 7 - Sidekick and Skeptic Archetypes

Chapter 8 - Guardian and Contagonist Archetypes

Chapter 9 - Contagonist: “Who’s Side Are You On?”

Chapter 10 - More About the Contagonist

Chapter 11 - The Story Behind the Contagaonist

Chapter 12 - “Hero” is a Stereotype NOT an Archetype

Chapter 13 - The Protagonist Does Not Have to Be the Main Character

Chapter 14 - Archetypes and Character Elements

Chapter 15 - Archetypes and Complex Characters

Chapter 16 - Action & Decision Elements of Archetypes

Chapter 17 - Archetypes and the Crucial Element

Chapter 18 - Creating Archetypal Characters

Chapter 19 - Matching Personalities to Archetypes

Chapter 20 - Archetypes Have Their Place, But…

Chapter 21 - Methodology Archetypes

Chapter 22 - Evaluation Archetypes

Chapter 23 - Purpose Archetypes

Chapter 24 - Each Archetype is an Equation

Chapter 25 - Conclusion


Characters, Narrative & Mind

By Melanie Anne Phillips
Creator of StoryWeaver

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