Between The Lines Screen Shots
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Writing Screen
BTL is a word processor that automatically formats your screenplay while you write. 

Tutorial Screen
BTL begins with a step-by-step tutorial that gets you started instantly.  You can begin writing your screenplay immediately!

Main Writing Window
You can make formatting choices with the tool bar buttons, or by using the Tab key, or with keyboard commands.

Index Card Drawer
Every scene has an index card, which shows up in the card drawer.  Drag and drop to rearrange cards, and that part of your script is rearranged automatically to match!

Comment Card
You can also create Comment Cards to add notes to your script or attach notes to any scene, Notes can be edited right in the script too!

Comment Card Screen
You get easy access to any card either by double-clicking in the Card Drawer, or double-clicking on the green arrows in the script

Speech Menu
The Menus in BTL hold many powerful features.  Check them all!

File Menu
You can import existing word processing documents and export to a text file, RTF, or PDF so you can email your script of publish it on the web!

Edit Menu
BTL has a powerful spell-checker that will ensure your script is professional in its presentation.

Format Menu
You can make formatting choices and adjust the font while you are writing.  Your script will still be printed in proper font.

Screenplay Menu
Set your preferences, create new Comment Cards, or override the auto formatting to personally select your page breaks as needed.

Help Menu
BTL includes an extensive selection of writing tips to get you going and keep you on track.


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Movie Magic Screenwriter

is one of two industry standard word processing screenplay formatters, the other being Final Draft.  Each of these programs offers a complete suite of screenwriting tools to make your next script a breeze to write.  (Details

Dramatica Pro

Unlike any other story development product, Dramatica Pro uses a patented Story Engine to interactively help you build a structure, find and fix dramatica holes and inconsistencies.  (Details)

12 Hour Writing Course on DVD

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