Melanie Anne Phillips

Creator of StoryWeaver, Co-creator of Dramatica, and designer of the Master Storyteller Method.

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StoryWeaver and Dramatica

Two of the products designed / co-designed by Melanie Anne Phillips.

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The Master Storyteller Method

Copyright © Melanie Anne Phillips. Creator, StoryWeaver ~ Co-creator, Dramatica

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The Customized Program

While the free self-guided program is is designed as a creative pathway appropriate to the greatest number of stories and the greatest number of writers, every story is unique and ever writer has a unique vision.  As a result, there may be techniques that are superfluous to the story you are designing, and you may require techniques that aren’t part of the self-guided program.

Now you can get a customized version of the Master Storyteller Method tailored specifically to your story and your style.

Here’s how it works…

You get one hour of Melanie's consulting time to help you lay the foundations for your story development.  Then, she prepares a program of additional steps for you to follow that are specific to your story and style.  These steps will carry you the rest of the way to a completed novel (or screenplay).

After you receive your customized program at the end of the consulting time, you always have the option to purchase additional consulting time if you get stuck along the way or feel you could use additional help.

The initial hour of consulting time is usually broken up into several sessions, which provides more opportunity to guide your initial story development.  Most clients prefer to communicate by email.  Melanie reviews work done in a Word document, provides feedback, and then outlines the next step of work to be done, all in just 5 to 10 minutes each email, so the one hour of time can last through quite a few sessions.

Some clients prefer to start with a short phone call or Skype session just to set the mood and working relationship.

To get started just order this customized program and Melanie will contact you by email with further details.

The customized program costs $100, complete

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