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Free Self-Guided Program

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Customized Program

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Personalized Program

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Become a Master Storyteller

Melanie Anne Phillips

Creator of StoryWeaver, Co-creator of Dramatica, and designer of the Master Storyteller Method.

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Self-Guided Program

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Customized Program

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Personalized Program

$100 / Hour

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StoryWeaver and Dramatica

Two of the products designed / co-designed by Melanie Anne Phillips.

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The Master Storyteller Method

Copyright © Melanie Anne Phillips. Creator, StoryWeaver ~ Co-creator, Dramatica

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The Personalized Program

For complex projects, multi-story series or stories so unusual they require expert attention, you may wish to commission a personalized program in the Master Storyteller Method.

You’ll receive feedback and individual guidance from method creator, Melanie Anne Phillips on just the techniques and story points where your story needs the most care, or ongoing through the entire process, step by step.

 Melanie will get to know your story in detail and offer not only help and suggestions for each aspect of development, but will also provide insights and analyses of your characters, plot, theme and genre elements drawing on more than twenty-five years of experience - from co-creating the Dramatica theory of story to creating the StoryWeaver system, to her masterwork, the Master Storyteller Method.

The personalized program costs $100 pre hour of consulting time

Sessions, especially by email, may only take 5 minutes
stretching one hour into many opportunities for feedback

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