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Become a Master Storyteller

Melanie Anne Phillips

Creator of StoryWeaver, Co-creator of Dramatica, and designer of the Master Storyteller Method.

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StoryWeaver and Dramatica

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The Master Storyteller Method

Copyright © Melanie Anne Phillips. Creator, StoryWeaver ~ Co-creator, Dramatica

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Videos and Audios on Writing

These videos (though not part of the Master Storyteller Method) are drawn from my 25+ years as a teacher of creative writing.

The have something to offer for all aspects of story development from finding inspiration to to structure to storytelling.

I’m adding more all the time, so check back often!

A Few of My Popular Videos

Be a Story Weaver - NOT a Story Mechanic!

Character Development Tricks!

How to Create Great Characters

Character Arc 101

by Melanie Anne Phillips