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Melanie Anne Phillips

Creator of StoryWeaver, Co-creator of Dramatica, and designer of the Master Storyteller Method.

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The Master Storyteller Method

Copyright © Melanie Anne Phillips. Creator, StoryWeaver ~ Co-creator, Dramatica

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Develop your story with…

Part One - Create a Story World

What is a story world?  Think of the world of Harry Potter or of the Star Wars universe. Each is a fully developed environment with people, places, histories, cultures, moods, overarching themes, style, and any number of problems, conflicts and events that take place.

From this world, stories are drawn.  Sometimes, as in the examples above, many stories may emerge as a sequential series (as with Harry Potter) or as an additional non-sequential contribution to the overall story world (as with Star Wars).  But more often than not, an author intends that only a single story will come forth from a given story world.

Whether you are planning an open-ended series, a sequential series, or just a single story, creating a story world will enrich and deepen the story or stories you tell from it.

Without a story world, the act of building a story’s timeline is an act of brute creative force and the details that make it comes alive will be thin, or even missing entirely.

But with a story world, you have a wealth of creative concepts upon which to draw - each a thread that might be explored and each a potential that might be realized in your story.

Therefore, in the Master Storyteller Method, the first part of the story development process is to create a story world.

Whether you already have pages and pages of notes or don’t yet even know what your story is about, the following techniques will help you build a story world of inventiveness and depth.

In the next step, we’ll begin working on your story by creating a log line to serve at the core and center of your ongoing story development.

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